Specialized perinatal mental health care

The Better Beginnings ™ Perinatal Partial Hospitalization Program

The Better Beginnings ™ Mother & Baby Perinatal PHP program, is an outpatient daily program that includes individual and group therapy, psychiatric services and onsite nursery.

Are you a parent experiencing significant symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, Bipolar Disorders, Postpartum PTSD, eating disorders and related illnesses during pregnancy and/or after delivery; including post-adoption?  When traditional weekly outpatient sessions are not helping to return you to normal health and functioning, it may be time to consider a more intensive level of care.

The Better Beginnings ™ Perinatal PHP program is unique in Florida and the Southeastern U.S., in that we are the first setting in this region providing this level of care.  In addition, Moms are welcome to have baby with them in session and/or utilize our onsite nursery care.  This allows for a reduction in the burden of childcare, encourages positive bonding and provides positive parenting education.

In addition, the Better Beginnings ™ Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is intensive outpatient treatment for perinatal mood disorders at a three day/week, three hour/day setting.

Our programs include evaluation, stabilization, symptom management and discharge planning.  Our team is multidisciplinary and each Mom receives individualized care.  Care includes individual and group therapy sessions and psychiatry.  Family/support sessions are also an integral part of the Better Beginnings ™ model of care.

Your Better Beginnings™ story starts with an initial appointment to evaluate your needs and plan for your care.  

Anyone can make a referral or call for more information at (352) 462-9484.   

Step 1:

An assessment is done to talk with you about what you have been experiencing, how it has been affecting your daily life and functioning and to answer questions about our Mother/Baby program.  We will give you our best recommendations given the symptoms, severity, frequency of symptoms and how you describe they are affecting your daily functioning and activities.  New client intake forms will be sent to you to complete electronically or they can be done in person at our office.

Step 2: 

Starting the Mother/Baby Program- you will be greeted and given a tour of our space to help welcome you to our facility. You will be given a personal packet of information including a schedule.  An individual therapist will also meet with you outside of group therapy sessions you will have with other Moms in the program.  Baby is welcome to stay with you, you may utilize our (free) nursery or BOTH (some Moms will have baby in the nursery during our movement or art groups or when baby is napping, etc.).  **We welcome all Moms and babies- we don’t mind any of the normal things it takes to take care of a baby- that’s why we are here!

Each day you will attend group sessions and you will also have an individual session, couples/family support session and meet with our psychiatry team.   The average “length of stay” is between 7-10 days.

Step 3: 

Stepping down/discharge- From Day 1 of the program, we are talking about goals for this intensive, short-term level of care and those goals include what our recommendations are when you graduate the Mother/Baby program. It is our goal and role to assist in making sure you have continued care once you’re done with the Mother/Baby program.  We will work with you to identify an outpatient therapist and psychiatrist that you will continue to see once you’re done here (some Moms choose to remain with a therapist from our office, that’s ok too.) If you already had a therapist or psychiatry provider (maybe they referred you to us) we will ask your permission to communicate with them about your progress and to ensure you have appointments with them once you’re done with our program.

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The Better Beginnings ™ Perinatal PHP program operates Monday through Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Women attend daily and may enter the program any day of the week.

Services are provided by a specialized multi-disciplinary treatment team trained in perinatal mood disorders.  Patients work one on one with a licensed mental health professional as well as attend group sessions daily.  

Psychiatric services

Patients also meet individually with an advanced level psychiatric practitioner for evaluation and medication reviews, if needed. The multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to establish treatment goals, strategies and a comprehensive aftercare plan unique to each of our patients’ needs.

The benefits of the Better Beginnings ™ Perinatal PHP Program include prevention of hospitalization, rapid access to specialized care, reduction of the long-term effects of untreated mental illness on Mom, baby and family; along with a supportive environment with others who are experiencing similar challenges.