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Hope. Health. Healing.

Having a child is one of the life’s greatest gifts and a limitless source of joy. Until it isn’t.

You’re stressed out, worn out and maybe a little scared about what’s happening. You may be having trouble making it through the days, much less the nights. Maybe you can’t even sleep. When overwhelming becomes unmanageable, you need someone to turn to.

This is the place where people know and understand what you are going through. Better yet, they are dedicated to helping you through what may be the most difficult time in your life. Together, we’ll help you get through this time.

Mother & Baby PHP/IOP Program

We are a one-of-a-kind destination for perinatal mental health and wellness serving Florida and the Southeast. 

Better Beginnings Mother/Baby Partial Hospitalization Program is a short-term, intensive outpatient day program for parents experiencing significant symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorders and other perinatal mental health complications during pregnancy and/or after delivery; including post-adoption. Our program is unique in Florida and the Southeast in that it allows perinatal women to receive treatment in a setting that includes a nursery for baby.  Our patients are encouraged to bring baby with them to reduce the burden of childcare and encourage positive bonding.  Parents receive treatment that promotes bonding with baby, mental health healing and positive parenting. 
Our first location was established in Alachua, FL- right outside of the city of Gainesville. 
We are expanding to offer services in both South Florida AND Jacksonville, FL.  Call us to learn more.
In addition, Better Beginnings is a REMS-certified healthcare site for Zulresso™ (brexanolone).  This is an infusion medication, approved by the FDA specifically for moderate-severe Postpartum Depression.  Call us to learn more (386) 518-6089.

Mother & Baby PHP Program

Better Beginnings is the only facility in the Southeastern U.S. dedicated to Mother/Baby perinatal partial hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP).  When symptoms of depression, anxiety and related illnesses are moderate to severe, having a higher level of care is important to prevent hospitalization.  This is a welcoming place to receive care that is individualized to your needs.  We understand each Mom and baby have a unique journey.  We are here to be part of your care.

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Counseling & Psychiatry Services

We provide general outpatient psychiatry/medication management and counseling.  We aim to partner with and serve our clients in a comfortable environment where you are able to explore challenging issues and understand your feelings and behaviors.   While our specialization is working with individuals and families surrounding the time leading up to pregnancy, during pregnancy, if there is loss/infertility, and after delivery- we also serve general adult mental health.  Call us to learn more.  If we aren’t the best fit for you, we are happy to give some suggestions and referrals.

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Infertility & Loss

Sometimes what we expect to be the happiest time of our life is not. Perinatal loss describes loss at any stage of pregnancy, stillbirth or infancy.  This includes when your baby has a life-limiting diagnosis.  Perinatal loss occurs in approximately 1 out of every 4 pregnancies.   We provide care for your emotional process and healing through this time.

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Prenatal Preparation

Did you know mental health complications during this time are the #1 health issue?  The BEST way to prevent a mental health complication during pregnancy and after is to proactively care for your health during this time. Call us for a mental health check up!

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The Better Beginnings Story

The Better Beginnings story as told from the perspective of a Provider, founder Lauren DePaola and one amazing patient.

Pre-conception planning
New Mom

Newly Pregnant

The reproductive years present high probability for emotional health complications: infertility, adoption, loss, pregnancy, postpartum and raising a family.

We aim to partner with and serve our clients in a comfortable environment where you are able to explore challenging issues and understand your feelings and behaviors. Call us to learn more about planning ahead to care for your mental health during this time.


We strive to help you gain insight, learn practical skills for coping and communicating and take steps towards achieving your goals.

New Mom

Did you know 1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men/partners experience emotional health complications surrounding the time of pregnancy and after baby arrives? 

Families come first

Relationships are put to the test during this time of life as the number of stressors and changes come at you. Many aspects contribute to your emotional health being affected during the reproductive years. Mental health IS health.

We offer onsite childcare and group therapy. Better Beginnings is all about Mom and families.

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