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Perinatal Mental Health

Our center focuses exclusively on perinatal mental health for women and families. We bring all the resources needed for complete intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization including onsite Psychiatric services. Our holistic approach includes exercise/yoga classes, nutrition, sleep…even onsite child care.

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Mommy & Baby Day Program

A woman’s mental health before during and after pregnancy is critical to the well-being of mother, child and family. When you enter our partial hospitalization program you get better faster and with better outcomes. Our program helps you navigate the challenges of this time in your life in a compassionate, structured program.


Psychiatry Services

Having onsite Psychiatric services makes life easier for you. You only have one place to go. Plus having Doctors and mental health counselors together makes communication much easier, especially if you are taking medications.

Counseling services

Our practice specializes in serving individuals and couples through infertility, pregnancy and infant loss, pregnancy, adoption and parenthood.  

Sleep consulting

We also know that lack of sleep and interrupted sleep have strong negative correlations to both brain and body.  Parents need sleep and babies and growing children need sleep.  Where’s the SLEEP?  We are here to help!

Perinatal Preparation

What about your mental health during pregnancy and after? Did you know mental health complications during this time are the #1 health issue?


The process of adoption can be a rollercoaster of its own kind. We help families who struggle through this time.

Perinatal loss

Sometimes what is supposed to be the happiest time of your life is not. Perinatal loss describes loss at any stage of pregnancy, stillbirth or infancy.  This includes when your baby has a life-limiting diagnosis.  


Complications while trying to get pregnant can create intense anxiety, depression and strain on family and support networks. We’re here to help you get back to a place where you can manage your life again. 

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