Dear Fellow Medical Providers: don’t create obstacles for your patient.

Fellow providers, please do not stand in the way of your patient receiving mental health services.  There are plenty of obstacles already in the way of individuals finding and engaging with mental health services; other medical providers should not be one of them.  Mental health stigma, lack of awareness or education, fear, cultural biases, finances, location, etc. are mountains to climb for many who need treatment and care for mental illness. 

On a weekly basis, it is common that we receive calls like this from other medical offices:

“What health insurances do you take?”

“Do you have a sliding scale?”

“Do you take Medicaid?” “I need to know before I refer this patient to you.”

While these are, in fact, valid questions; we also know that each individual’s health insurance policy is different from the next; webs of nuances exist!  Because of this, we often can’t give you a clear/defined answer on “which, exactly” we “accept.”  Navigating the world of mental health insurance is one of the largest clusters of confusion patients (and providers) face in getting help and care when needed.

The good news? We have dedicated staff who call each and every individual policy to inquire (these folks deserve extra PTO!).  Because our services are so specialized, MOST insurances are accepted; however, this is not a quick answer from us to you over the phone. 

Also? IF we are unable to help the client use their insurance benefits, we work with each individual/family to offer self- pay discounts and come as close as we can to meet their financial status.  If we are not the best fit, we make sure to give other local resource suggestions.

We find that the best way to support your client who has taken the risk to talk with you about their struggles and mental health concerns, is to do the following:

  1. Thank them for being honest with you and sharing what they are experiencing. Make sure to tell them how important mental health is.
  2. Let them know there is help and you will send a referral for services.
  3. Assure them you/your staff will follow-up with them soon to see how it went.
  4. Send the referral without delay.

We look forward to partnering with you in caring for your patient.  We will make sure to confirm receipt of your referral.  With your patient’s permission, we will communicate with you ongoing care progress for a wholistic approach to health.