4 lies perinatal OCD tells you- and the actual truths.

  • LIE: You’re a bad or dangerous Mom/Dad. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is really good at translating the negative intrusive thoughts we have into a lie that says we are a bad or dangerous person who should not be allowed to take care of our child or that we can’t safely take care of our child.

TRUTH: Experiencing OCD means NOTHING about the quality of a parent that you are. If anything, it means your brain is being hypervigilant to your child’s environment and surroundings.  Research tells us that you are NOT ALONE, at least 5-9% of parents experience this.  We also know this is most likely an underestimate, given that many Moms and Dads are fearful of speaking up about the lies that OCD tells them.

  • LIE: You shouldn’t be having these bad thoughts. OCD tries to tell you that “normal/good Moms and Dads” don’t think this way.

TRUTH: We know from research studies that there are no differences between the thoughts that people with and without OCD have.  A thought is just that- a thought; it does not imply action or desire for action.

  • LIE: THE THOUGHT WILL = ACTION. The OCD lie tells parents that just because they’ve had a thought means the event/action is more likely to happen.

TRUTH: We don’t have Superman/woman powers after all.  Try controlling the price of gas with your thoughts.

  • LIE: The discomfort is too much and won’t go away. The OCD lie tries to tell us that the anxiety or discomfort of the thoughts are too much, will take us over/make us “go crazy”, and we cannot endure it so we must do a ritual (repetitive coping behavior) to make it go away.

TRUTH: The experience of the anxiety caused by OCD enters, often feels like it reaches a peak, and eventually subsides.  Many often describe this experience as feeling like a “wave” of anxiety. 

You don’t have to go through this alone, there is help.  When left untreated, OCD can interrupt daily functioning, relationships and roles in your life.  At Better Beginnings, we have specialized training to work with Moms and Dads who may be experiencing OCD.  Treatment works, you will get Better.